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Many Australians travel to different states for several reasons, such as a holiday booked via a travel agent or a business trip deemed necessary by an employer. However, a permanent move facilitated by removalists is much rarer. That is not to say people do not move home to a different state. However, it is a big undertaking and a big decision for anyone making it, so it is understandable why the numbers are smaller than the other two examples.

If you intend to or want to move and set up a home in a different part of the country, there are many variables to consider, and one which will be all-important is the budget you will require.

That budget covers everything from the removalists who transport your belongings to the cost of having an extra set of keys cut for your new property. Be aware whatever dollar amount you budget for your holiday in another state, add at least one or even two zeroes on the end for your move there.

Thankfully, you can keep the budget down in numerous ways, and these can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is achieved by implementing several cost-cutting actions, such as the seven outlined below, that can dramatically reduce the necessary expenditure for moving permanently across the country,

Plan Properly

The most effective way to save money on an interstate move is to plan it properly. This ensures you are not met with additional costs due to missing something, such as arranging broadband in your new home and paying a premium short-term rate.

Get Quotes From Removalists

Once you have decided to move interstate, one of your first tasks is to research removalists offering interstate moves as one of their services. Look for positive reviews, and once you have a shortlist, ask each of them for a detailed written quotation to compare them.

Choose The Best Value Removalists, Not The Cheapest

You might be thinking that we told you to get quotations so that you could select the cheapest one, but that is not the case. We instead advise that you choose the removalists whose quote offers the best value based upon the list of included services they will be providing you, for example, where their insurance covers you for far more eventualities or where the vans they use are the latest models.

Sell Anything Of Value You Do Not Need Or Want

It would be best if you made an inventory of everything you plan to take, which inevitably means there will be belongings that you no longer want or need. Rather than simply throwing them away, if any are of decent quality and still usable, sell them, with any monies raised reducing the total cost of your interstate move.

Get Rid Of Your Other Unwanted Items

It would be best if you got rid of those items you do not or cannot sell but do not wish to take with you. Either give them away, donate them to local charities, or dispose of them safely. By doing so, you can reduce the removalists’ fee based on them having to transport fewer items, and the cost of the necessary packing materials is also reduced.

Use Only Quality Packing Materials

Using cheap inferior packing boxes is a false economy and would cost you more due to potential replacement and repair costs for breakages and damage. The poor packaging offers little to no protection.

Shop Around For Utilities/Services In Your New CiYouyou will need the same utilities and services you have in your current home, so use this opportunity to shop around, especially for ‘new customer’ deals, as saving money on each one can add up to a considerable amount overall.

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