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Packing is anything but pleasant and is the last thing anyone wants to do.

The entire process can be a complete nightmare from boxing your belongings to actually getting them transported to the right location. Whether you are hiring professional removal of services or doing everything yourself, the following are five moving house tips to help with your relocation.

1. Start Early

This one is obvious but is worth mentioning. Starting as early as possible with the relocation gives you time to start organising and making the necessary preparations. This is also a great time to make a week by week checklist to keep you on track.

Waiting until the last moment will definitely cost you a significance of stress. Most people tend to underestimate how much effort it takes to relocate to another property which is why it is so important to start immediately.

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Wait! Is there really anything to not pack when you are moving? Naturally, you need to pack everything, but some things are better left off the furniture truck.

These can go into the boot of the car so you will have them right at hand when you arrive. When you consider that this will usually be quite late in the day and you’ll all be tired and hungry, two things to not pack for the truck are food and bedding.

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When you move, you have to pack every single thing in the house. However there are always some things that you don’t really need.

These are things that may once have been useful, or that you really liked, but now your lifestyle has changed and you never use them. Rather than just carting them around and allowing them to clutter up your storage space, why not get rid of them?

Most of us can do without a lot of the stuff stored in the cupboards. Old craft or hobbies, sports equipment we no longer play with, toys the children have outgrown and even that old vase you got for a wedding present and always hated, can all go to the recycling centre.

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Moving is an exciting time, especially if you are moving out of a rental property into your own, brand new home.

There are many things to do and remember before you move and on the day of the move, so here is a checklist of things to help you. Once you get organised moving will be much easier.

  • Let the real estate agent know in advance that you are moving so you won’t be charged rent when you are not there.

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If you have never moved house before, learning how to pack properly is essential to ensure your goods do not get damaged.

Some people opt to let the furniture removalists to it all, but other prefer to do it themselves. If you are going to do your own packing, here are some tips to help you.

  • Don’t pack all the same items in one box. For instance, a box full of books can be really heavy. It is better to pack some books on the bottom of a box, then cover that with something soft such as sheets or a blanket before adding breakables. This can make good padding in the box to ensure your breakables are better protected. Plus, the box won’t be as heavy. Remember, you’ll probably have to more it yourself at some time before your due moving date.

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Packing up all your goods and chattels is no easy task, but when you get properly organised it is somewhat easier.

Part of that organisation is to have everything you need on hand when you start packing. What will you need? If you are doing the packing yourself, here are some suggestions to make your life easier.

  • Bubble wrap is a great tool for protecting your breakables. Get a whole roll – or two – of fine bubble wrap suitable for small things such as crockery.
  • Sticky tape. This should be used to secure the bubble wrap around each article.
  • Packaging tape. This is wider and stronger that sticky tape and is used to seal the lids of the boxes.
  • Newspaper. Old newspaper can be used to wrap things that are not easily breakable to prevent rubbing or scratches.

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