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House Removals Without a Hitch

Stressed out with the whole idea of moving and wish you were on holiday instead?

Why not book one?

We can pack up your whole house, transport all your treasured items safely to your new home, and then unpack – so that you can just walk in.

House removals are the most common form of moving that we do, but that doesn’t mean that all house removals are all the same, or easy. We understand that it’s not only your furniture going on a journey, but every person who moves to a new house goes on one too. It takes a lot to pack up all your treasured items and entrust them to a house removalist company and it’s fair enough for you to feel a little apprehensive at this time. But rest assured that we understand your concerns and recognise the stressfulness of the situation. That’s why we have simple, straightforward rates with a range of service options available – from ‘put your feet up – to pack it yourself.’

Our flexibility is our strength – that’s why we also have a range of different trucks available that are suitable for house removals of all sizes. Contact us and we will work out the best service to suit your specific needs and budget.

We are also an AFRA (Australian Furniture Association) member and are top furniture movers, so you can have peace of mind that your precious furniture and possessions are always safe with us.

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