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Brilliance Removalists Packing Tips

If you have never moved house before, learning how to pack properly is essential to ensure your goods do not get damaged.

Some people opt to let the furniture removalists to it all, but other prefer to do it themselves. If you are going to do your own packing, here are some tips to help you.

  • Don’t pack all the same items in one box. For instance, a box full of books can be really heavy. It is better to pack some books on the bottom of a box, then cover that with something soft such as sheets or a blanket before adding breakables. This can make good padding in the box to ensure your breakables are better protected. Plus, the box won’t be as heavy. Remember, you’ll probably have to more it yourself at some time before your due moving date.
  • When it comes to crockery, it is a good idea to wrap each cup and mug separately. Even if mugs fit snugly into one another, make sure there is a layer of paper or bubble wrap between them so they don’t chip.

  • Plates can stack on top of each other, but make sure these too, have two or more layers of something between them. In fact, wrapping each plate completely is better because that protects the sides from getting chipped. Always start off with the largest, heaviest plates and then add smaller items to fill in the spaces.
  • Wrap knives carefully and pack them into the centre of the box so the points cannot protrude.
  • Crumple newspaper or bubble wrap up and insert in small spaces that are left over so that the goods cannot rattle around inside the box.
  • Make sure you don’t pack goods until they are above the sides of the boxes, otherwise when you put the lid on it will exert too much pressure on whatever is inside and is likely to crack them.
  • Use tea-towels and hand towels, or even bath towels as packaging. Place a larger towel in the bottom of the box before adding wrapped breakables. Then place a smaller one over the top for padding. You can also use smaller things such as washers to fill in the gaps.
  • When packing mirror or glass picture frames, use thick padding – blankets, doonas– on the bottom of the box and the top. Make sure you don’t place heavy items on top of glass.
  • Pack all those items you don’t use on a daily basis first. This can include out of season clothing and bedding, cookware that is only used occasionally, books, pictures from the walls and ornamental knick knacks such as vases. They can be packed some weeks before you move.
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