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Moving House Tips

Packing is anything but pleasant and is the last thing anyone wants to do. The entire process can be a complete nightmare from boxing your belongings to actually getting them transported to the right location. Whether you are hiring professional removal of services or doing everything yourself, the following are five moving house tips to help with your relocation.

1. Start Early

This one is obvious but is worth mentioning. Starting as early as possible with the relocation gives you time to start organising and making the necessary preparations. This is also a great time to make a week by week checklist to keep you on track.

Waiting until the last moment will definitely cost you a significance of stress. Most people tend to underestimate how much effort it takes to relocate to another property which is why it is so important to start immediately.

2. Get Rid of Junk

Why waste your time and energy on moving things you rarely use? When relocating to a new home, you should first take inventory of everything you have and categorise them accordingly. This can easily be done with a simple pen and paper.

Everything that you do not use from old furniture to clothes that you have outgrown should either be sold or donated. This will help reduce the amount of stuff that you have to transport. There are also options for dumpster rentals depending on where you are.

3. Get Boxes and Label Everything

Sturdy boxes are the best as flimsy boxes are much more susceptible to damage during transit. These can either be purchased from your local storage facility or through an online store that sells them. You will also need decent tape to properly package the boxes.

If you are hiring professional removal services, it is important to clearly label every box so you can clearly identify them later. Be sure to mark boxes carrying glass or other items as fragile.

4. Dismantle Furniture

The next step is to start dismantling your furniture including the desks, bookshelves, tables, and other furniture. Be sure to carefully wrap them to ensure they do not get damaged during the move. For large and bulky items, you may want to hire professional services to help with everything.

5. Notify Utility Companies

This step is also worth mentioning. If you are moving out, you need to immediately contact your utility companies otherwise they will continue to bill you for their services. Be sure to notify them of the exact date you are moving out so they can cancel your accounts accordingly.

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