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Packing To Move

Packing up all your goods and chattels in readiness for the removals company is no easy task, but when you get properly organised it is somewhat easier.

Part of that organisation is to have everything you need on hand when you start packing. What will you need? If you are doing the packing yourself, here are some suggestions to make your life easier.

  • Bubble wrap is a great tool for protecting your breakables. Get a whole roll – or two – of fine bubble wrap suitable for small things such as crockery.
  • Sticky tape. This should be used to secure the bubble wrap around each article.
  • Packaging tape. This is wider and stronger that sticky tape and is used to seal the lids of the boxes.
  • Newspaper. Old newspaper can be used to wrap things that are not easily breakable to prevent rubbing or scratches.

  • Scissors to cut the bubble wrap and adhesive tape.
  • Felt tipped markers to number the boxes
  • Biro and exercise book to keep track of what you packed in which boxes.
  • Strong boxes with lids
  • Strong plastic bags (optional). These can be used for clothing and linen, pillows, blankets, doonas and other soft things that won’t break.
  • Tea chests. These are larger, deeper and stronger than most cardboard boxes so if you have a lot of smaller items, it may be better to use them. They are also good for such things as removable small glass table tops, mirrors and glass picture frames. Place blankets or a doona at the bottom of the box and over the top before you seal it.
  • Helpers. Getting a friend or an adult family member to help pack can make a difficult chore much easier.
  • Number each box as you pack it, then write the number and contents down in your exercise book. This will be a great aid to help you find things when you are unpacking. It is better not to write the contents on the boxes as it is more difficult to see the wording especially if they are amongst other boxes. Write the number on the top of the box and some of the sides as well to it is highly visible.

Importance of choosing time

A more abstract need for packing is time. There is no point in starting to pack too far ahead of your leaving date, or when you don’t have enough time to finish at least one box. If possible, set aside several hours and pack all those things that you don’t use on a daily basis. That said, if you are short of time it is surprising what you can pack in just one hour, so long as all the things you need are ready at hand.

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