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Moving is an exciting time, especially if you are moving out of a rental property into your own, brand new home.

There are many things to do and remember before you move and on the day of the move, so here is a checklist of things to help you. Once you get organised moving will be much easier.

  • Let the real estate agent know in advance that you are moving so you won’t be charged rent when you are not there.
  • Contact the utilities companies to come and switch off power, gas or whatever else you use on the day of the move, so you don’t have to pay for more than you have used.
  • Start packing things you won’t need well ahead of time.
  • Book the removalist truck early on to be sure they are available.
  • Take the keys of the house back to the real estate agents on the day you move.
  • If moving to another rental, make sure you arrive within business hours to get your new key.
  • Arrange to get the utilities switched on when you need them.
  • Go through all you own and see if you really want to take it with you.
  • Get rid of all those things you don’t want to take. They can go to other family members, friends, the op-shop, the recycling centre or the bin.
  • Have a garage sale if there are a lot of things you don’t want, but are still good.
  • Start to clean the place well ahead of time. Do one room at a time and clean everything you can see so you will get your bond back.

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