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Long Distance Move Vs Local Move

When is a move not a move? If you’re removals are to another nearby home, that’s a simple move. If you’re removalist is taking you somewhere that’s about an 8 hour drive away, or to another state, that’s almost a paradigm shift! So, not all moves are the same. Here are a few things to think about when you are planning that relocation.


If the move is to a house still in the same neighbourhood and you can still visit friends frequently, or when you come to work, a change of address will not be necessary if you have a post office box. Some mail senders may have to be notified if they have to send letters to your home address,  that is street and number. Of course, if you have not got a PO Box, then you will still have to notify address change to utilities, banks and government departments.

Moving to another city? Well, everything needs to be changed. Banking should be okay if you do it online.

Schools and Kids

What about school for the kids? Local move? No problem, the children will go to the same school and it stays the same. Move to another city and the children will face a stressful period getting used to a whole new system and new friends. It’s a tough ask.


If your move is reasonably local, you can carry many small items to your new home a week before the big move. It’s a good preparation for the moving day when the truck will arrive with all your furniture.

A long distance move means putting as many valuables as you can fit into the car for the one of trip. The rest will have to go in the truck.

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