In Office Relocations

If you’re looking at relocating your office, there are some pretty important things to keep in mind. Otherwise, you will almost certainly run into problems, which can impact your normal business operations and your income, among other things.

At Brilliance Removalists Perth we’ve been working in the industry for years, and we’ve developed a reputation as one of the region’s leading business removalists. Drawing on this reputation, we’ve developed the following list of the top things to consider when moving your business.

  1. The Cost of Moving

Although it’s probably not the first thing that pops into your head, it’s actually extremely important to consider the cost of moving before making any major commitments. Think about:

  • The potentially higher rent and other costs associated with your new location.
  • The cost of packing and moving your office.
  • The cost of unpacking and setting everything back up, especially if you require specialist IT services or similar.
  • The lost income caused by downtime during the move.

Fortunately, you can minimise the income lost through downtime by working with a professional relocation company like us at Brilliance Removalists Perth.

  1. The Setup in Your New Office

It’s also a great idea to think about how you’re going to set up your new office. Creating a clear office outline will help you identify which items actually need to be moved – because the chances are that you won’t actually want to take everything with you.

  1. When You’re Going to Move

Since the main goal of moving a business should be to get set up in a new location without too much downtime, you need to consider the timing of your move carefully. Working alongside a professional removals company will help you plan things.

For example, our team at Brilliance Removalists Fremantle is available to help move your business on a weekend. Spreading the move across a Saturday and Sunday should ensure that most of your office is moved over and ready for the start of the new week.

  1. What Items Should Be Prioritised

Finally, it’s crucial to prioritise moving certain items. Things like computers and other electronics will likely be central to the smooth operation of your business and should always be moved first. I mean, no one’s going to die if things like decorative plants aren’t in place straight after the move.

Similarly, figure out if there’s anything that doesn’t really need to be moved to your new office. If you’re not going to use something, there’s absolutely no point spending the time, money and effort to move it.

Consider Using Brilliance

We’re your local office removals expert, and we’ve been working across the Perth region for years. Our team will work alongside you to develop clear moving solutions that ensure minimal downtime for your business – and did we mention that we’re happy to work on the weekend?

Get in contact with our friendly team to find out more!