In Office Relocations

Moving to a new office location is a massive undertaking for businesses of all sizes, and it can seem daunting if this is the first time it has moved offices. However, plenty of help is available for office relocations, and prime amongst them are removalists. Using top professionals, as well as cheap removalists for office relocations, can save businesses thousands of dollars and ensure the move is a success rather than an unmitigated disaster.

The top removalists can save a business money during its office relocation are plentiful. However, one of the main reasons is that they can speed up the whole process. Why speeding up an office relocation saves business money is explained below, as well as how removalists can achieve it.

More Effective Planning

If appropriately planned, any complex task will be done quicker and more efficiently, which applies to office relocation. With removalists having specialised knowledge and experience of many years helping businesses move to new locations, it means that when you consult with them and get them to help plan the move, you can be confident your business’s activity will be appropriately designed and, therefore, less prone to delays.

Use Of The Most Suitable Packing Materials

You might not at first associate the packing materials and boxes used for the items being taken from your old office to your new one with having any influence on how quickly it all takes place, but it does. Examples of why include fewer boxes required if the sizes and number of packages are optimal so there is less to load and unload. Also, there is less chance of items being damaged en route, causing delays in getting your office up and running again at the new location.

Specialised Handling Of Equipment And Furniture

Most offices will have specialised equipment such as IT, printers, storage cabinets and furniture such as desks. These may need to be disassembled to be transported, they may require special handling when being carried, and there is also the task of reassembling them all at the new office. With removalists facilitating your office relocation, their knowledge and skills help to do all this efficiently and thus reduce the overall time the relocation takes.

Loading And Unloading Done Properly And Efficiently

Loading a van with numerous boxes, furniture, and equipment might not seem to outsiders to be a skill, but believe us when we say it most definitely is. Knowing how to load a van correctly can mean the difference between everything fitting in one van versus a delay whilst a second van is sourced. There is also the not insignificant matter of proper loading, meaning less chance of any damage occurring, which would otherwise delay the setting up of the new office.

Less Downtime

Imagine you decided to cut corners and instructed your staff to facilitate the office relocation instead of hiring professional removalists. How long would it take them to do all the tasks we have already outlined? Even if they were to do them halfway right, it would certainly take them longer, plus you have to take account of the downtime when your staff are not doing their jobs due to them sorting out the relocation.

Proper Route Planning

Even if your new office is relatively close by, the removalist van or vans still have to travel that distance. For more considerable distances, this point here is even more critical. Planning optimal time and route to travel between the two offices can save hours if that means avoiding known traffic pinch points and rush hour traffic.

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