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An office relocation is a big undertaking for any business. When it does occur, that business has two options: to either try and do the whole move themselves using their staff or to hire removalists. Of those two choices, we unreservedly recommend using removalists for several reasons, not least because it benefits the health and well-being of the business’s staff.

On first consideration, there might not seem to be much of a correlation between staff well-being and whether or not removalists are used to facilitate an office relocation. However, if you read on, we will outline essential ways removalists assisting with an office relocation benefit a company’s staff, particularly their health.

Less Stress And Anxiety

When discussing health, a mistake that is often made is the assumption that it is physical health that is the focus. However, everyone should be aware, including employers, of the importance of mental health too. Indeed, the source of many physical complaints can often be found to be an individual having severe mental health issues such as depression or extreme anxiety.

This has to do with office relocation because, for many staff, it can be a stressful event within their working life. If you were to add the stress for those staff in having to play a significant role in organising and carrying out the relocation, then anxiety levels for those employees are bound to rise.

That is why we strongly recommend hiring removalists for an office relocation. It takes many of the tasks required to organise it out of the hands of company staff and into the hands of experts with vast experience.

Fewer Risks Of Injury Related To Lifting Heavy Items

There are many ways an injury can occur during an office relocation, but there is one reason that causes more than any other: someone lifting heavy items in the wrong way. Countless pulled muscles, strained ligaments, bruises, broken bones, and slipped discs in the back arise from individuals trying to lift heavy items wrongly.

If company staff are the ones who are to be tasked with moving equipment, and they have not been appropriately trained in safe lifting techniques, then it is a recipe for one or more of those staff to hurt themselves via the injuries above. They could also injure themselves or one of their colleagues should they drop an item because they had not lifted it properly nor secured their grip on it, and that item falls against or onto them or someone else.

Again, this is where hiring removalists for an office relocation makes perfect sense when trying to protect the health and well-being of office staff. Those who work for removalists have received professional training in safe lifting techniques and are almost sure to have many years of experience in the safe lifting of heavier items.

Safe And Correct Use Of Equipment Or Transport

Many equipment items may need to be used to facilitate an office relocation. The list includes packing materials, boxes, cartons, straps, lifting equipment such as trollies, or even lifting pulleys and chains, not forgetting the van to transport everything. All of this equipment is used daily by removalists, plus they will have been trained in their safe use by the removalist company.

Compare that with office staff having to use equipment that they are unfamiliar with, and it is clear to see that risks to health and wellbeing from accidents are far more likely in the latter scenario. This is yet another reason why removalists are the best option should a company wish to protect the health of its employees during an office relocation.

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