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Moving Pets

The animals in your home are going to be affected by your relocation as well as family members. Dogs are particularly tuned into the emotions of their owner, and all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the removalists will have them fretting days before it happens. Cats may appear to be cool, calm, collected, and their usual distant self, but they will be stressed and a bit confused as you prepare to move.

Stay Close

Cats and dogs are quite sensitive to any changes in their environment and may even be worried in an animal sort of way that you are abandoning them. It’s a good idea to keep them with you at the old property for as long as you can so that you don’t leave them unattended in an unfamiliar place for long. Kindness, patience and some understanding will help them overcome any fright or nervousness about what is happening around them.


It’s highly recommended by our specialists at Removalists South Perth that you give your fish and aquarium away prior to moving as they are extremely delicate and in many cases will not survive a home move.

If you have a very expensive set up and the fish must come with you, then you need to make adequate preparations. Set up a container for the fish by placing water from the tank into it with the fish. This keeps the specific bacteria colony maintained. Place your fish into the container.

Any live plants you have in the tank should also be placed in the container. Once you have done this, drain the fish tank and pack the filter, pump and decorations into a box clearly marked. As mentioned before, fish don’t travel all that well, so be prepared for some casualties when you get to the new residence.


Preparing a terrarium that may have reptiles, insects or amphibians is almost the same method as with the aquarium. Just make sure that the containers in which you place all the creatures remain secure and there is no chance that any of them can get out. Fish don’t tend to cause a panic, but an escaped tarantula or snake definitely would.


Moving your feathered friend is a lot easier compared to the other pets. You can leave the bird in the cage. Just line the bottom with newspaper, make sure they have plenty of seeds and some fruit, make sure you secure the cage door, and then cover the cage with a towel or cloth. Birds tend to stay calm and suffer very little from a move.

Pets usually mean a lot to their owners, so with some careful preparation, you can ensure that their move with you is a safe one.

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