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What Not To Pack

Wait! Is there really anything to not pack when you are moving? Naturally, you need to pack everything, but some things are better left off the furniture truck.

These can go into the boot of the car so you will have them right at hand when you arrive. When you consider that this will usually be quite late in the day and you’ll all be tired and hungry, two things to not pack for the truck are food and bedding.

Food and utensils

On the day of the move, you will need to be up early to get those last minute things packed. You’ll have the crockery and cutlery that you left out for last minute use, the things from the refrigerator and your breakfast cereals. These can all go in the car so you will have them handy for the next morning – the first morning in your new home. You won’t have had time to unpack much by then, so having food and utensils handy will be a boon.

Take an esky

If you travelling far, you might want to pack an esky with snacks and drinks or even sandwiches to save detouring to a fast food place, or just in case there isn’t one handy. A picnic on the grass of some park where the children can run around and let off steam will improve everyone’s mood. If the esky goes into the boot, make sure some drinks and snacks stay in the back of the car where they are easily accessible.


Bedding is one thing that can get lost in the muddle of boxes if it is not kept with you. A late arrival with tired kids can be unpleasant if they can’t fall into bed. As soon as they are up, simply fold up all the sheets and blankets together lengthwise and roll it up like a swag. Add the pillow and tie a belt around the whole lot. It will then be easy to unroll it onto the bed after you arrive.

You can also do this with your own bedding. Having it right to hand will be a blessing when it comes time to crawl into bed. You won’t have to pull those boxes and bags around searching for your sheets or blankets.

Electronics or games

Kids get bored easily on a long trip so keeping their favourite electronic device out for them to play with will help the journey go much faster and be more pleasant for you. Keep a change of clothes handy for little children in case of accidents. They don’t always know when they need to ‘go’ if they are sitting down and busy with their games.

The cat

If you are moving with pets, keep it contained. Cats especially tend to clear out and hide when something strange is happening. Pop your cat in its travel cage early in the day and make sure it doesn’t get packed into the furniture truck.

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